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Are you looking for guitar instruction? Nowadays, guitar lessons can come in many forms due to the advancement in technology. Traditionally, guitar instruction has to be taught by a real life guitar teacher in a classroom. However, much of that had changed over the years.

There are resources for online guitar instruction that can be access via the Internet, step by step guitar DVD courses that one can use at home and even guitar apps on the iPhone.

With the huge array of guitar instructions being offered by so many sources, one of the most common questions that a beginner would ask is “How do I choose the best guitar instructions?”

To put into perspective, a real life teacher can point out your mistakes in real time and offer you advice that has a more personal touch to it. Online guitar instructions tend to cost only a fraction of the fees incurred by hiring a private teacher.

On top of that, online guitar lessons and websites like can also be access at the comfort of your home, saving you time and money in traveling expenses.

While guitar books and guitar applications on the iPhone do help a guitarist in some aspects with the added convenience, most of these applications and books often lack the depth that is required to master a particular aspect of learning the guitar.

The bottom line is, you should go for guitar lessons that are best tailored to your learning habits. No one knows you better than yourself. My advice to people who are learning the guitar, start out with online guitar instructions as this will give you a feel of what to expect without burning a hole in your pocket.

One common source of frustration among guitar players is that, unlike many other instruments, the guitar has multiple places to play most notes. For example, there are two places to play a guitar’s middle C in standard tuning: the third fret of the fifth string and the eighth fret of the sixth string.

This multiplicity can cause problems for sight-readers and “ear” musicians alike, but beneath this confusion lies one of the guitar’s biggest strengths—the fact that notes can be played in different places is one of the primary reasons the guitar is such an expressive instrument!

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When Odessa Chen, who fronts her own trio, was shopping for her electric guitar, she says, “I brought a cassette player to the store with me and taped how I sounded playing the guitars.

Then I went out in the alley and listened to them all to figure out which sounded the best.” She chose the 1960s Gibson ES-120, inscribed with Detroit rocker George Thorogood’s signature, that she’s playing on the cover of the Summer 2005 issue of Play Guitar!

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